Baby Shadows is the first book by Author/Illustrator Joshua Auerbach.The idea for the book came from his three month old nephew Rex, seen here at age 3, who was fascinated by shadows. This was all he needed and he began work on Baby Shadows. At first, the shadows were drawn on the pages, but then the thought of shadow puppets came to mind and Joshua realized he could cut out the shapes on each page and the shadows would create themselves. Thus became, Baby Shadows, the first in a series of books of this format, So, keep an eye out for future titles in the Baby Shadows line. Mr. Auerbach is a jack of all trades, he is a singer/songwriter and lead guitarist for the band, Old Route 17, the founder of Cymbiosys Interactive, which develops 3D middleware application engines, creator The Black and White Cookie Company and founder of American Sorghum. Baby Shadows is being self-published and is available for licensing to publishers.